About SAGE Maine

Our mission: improving quality of life for older LGBT adults living in Maine through advocacy, education, and social support.

Vision Statement:

LGBT older adults are treated with respect, dignity, and equality.

SAGE Maine presented a new display at The Twelfth Annual University of Maine Clinical Geriatrics Colloquium EMERGING PERSPECTIVES ON DEATH, DYING, & BEREAVEMENT Friday, October 20, 2017

Guiding Principles of SAGE Maine:

  • Ensure that agencies and providers address the needs of LGBT older adults.
  • Commit in word and action to offering an environment free of bias and which welcomes and affirms all people.
  • Promote community and provide opportunities for social networking and support.
  • Facilitate a connection to a network of services.
  • Include all diverse populations.
  • Draw attention to the specific barriers facing older transgender adults.
  • Collaborate with strategic partners to provide services, advocacy, education, and training.

SAGE Maine is a member-based organization. Members pay dues and a roster is kept on a secure website called MemberPlanet.com. To join, or update your membership, an e-mail address and a password is needed to protect your information. Payments and changes can be made online.

SAGE Maine is a tax-exempt organization incorporated in Maine. It is affiliated with the SAGE national organization and is also a part of the network of 30 affiliates from Alaska to Florida. SAGENet offers affiliates a monthly conference call with a national SAGE staff liaison and also holds annual national conferences for affiliate leaders. There are many resources on the SAGEUSA.org website, including a hot line.

SAGE Maine has activities located in Bangor, Damariscotta, Ellsworth, and Portland; we hope to add more regional activity sites soon (there is an affiliated activity site in Farmington during the school year). SAGE Maine also has a Virtual Drop-In Program whereby folks can connect by telephone once a week in a moderated conference call.

Our members grew up in a society that was less tolerant, so they do not expect that service providers, residential facilities, and in-home services will be LGBT-friendly. SAGE Maine provides training to agencies, encourages them to advertise their affirmative stance, and provides support to older Mainers who are seeking affirmative services.

SAGE Maine is an advocacy and service organization. The current SAGE slogan is: WE REFUSE TO BE INVISIBLE! We are supported by grants, membership fees, and donations. We appreciate donating either online or via mail to: PO Box 10844, Portland, ME 04104. Our e-mail is: Enable JavaScript to view protected content.. Our phone number is: (207) 809-7015.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Meetup.com and how is it connected with SAGE Maine? SAGE pays to have three Meetup.com sites (Bangor, Central Maine, and Portland) so events can be posted there for any individual who joins MeetUp.com for free. It is a convenient way to find out what SAGE Maine is doing (and other groups in your area as well). Being a member of MeetUp.com does not make one a member of SAGE Maine, or vice versa.

Do I have to be a member of SAGE Maine to participate in events? No, we do not ask about membership status for any of our events. Membership dues support SAGE Maine activities, and allow one to vote at the annual meeting to elect the Board of Directors.

Is there any age requirement to be a member or participate in events? We do not discriminate on the basis of age or any other characteristic. We expect our events to be open and accessible to everyone who wishes to attend. Many of the most beneficial effecs of SAGE are from the interaction across generations, such as mentoring, providing rides, and sharing stories.

Your support is greatly appreciated! Please consider making a small donation. We have a few suggested amounts below, but feel free to make a donation for any amount you like. Thank you!

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